The ‘Subscription Economy’, the Wigmore way –

Transform how you drive revenue and engage with customers

-        Protect your revenue stream

-        Grow your revenue from installed accounts

-        Increase customer advocacy

As early pioneers in the cloud, we understand customer behaviour and the impact of contraction and churn on a subscription driven business.  Combining these insights with best of breed tools we help our clients to: 

·        Gain deeper insights into customer behaviour

·        Operationalize the customer lifecycle

·        Coordinate actions and results across teams

·        Proactively grow subscription revenue from installed clients


For decades, businesses have used data to drive customer acquisition. Now, we’re changing the game for those businesses by helping them capitalise on the power of their customer usage data to manage at-risk customers and grow the lifetime value of healthy ones.

Customer Lifecycle.png


Customer Success strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Monitor and engage using relevant with a variety of customers.

Build a customer journey that works for your customers and your business model.

Different customer segments demand different Customer Success strategies. Whether you are B2C or B2B business.  Whether you are a “High” touch, “Low” touch or “Tech” touch model, learn how to engage with customers as often as necessary, to drive success without compromising on scalability. Do more and achieve highly measurable results,  with fewer resources.


Use big data analytics to monitor customer health according to sales data, usage logs, support tickets, and more.

Proactively identify signs of customer risk and collaborate cross-functionally to resolve issues.

Your customers are sending you valuable signals about their health by the way they engage with your product and service. Evaluate your sales data, usage logs, support tickets, survey responses, financial systems and sponsor movements to monitor customer health, trigger alerts on risks, and recommend best practice playbooks to resolve those risks.


Keep your customers loyal by helping them understand the value your products and services provide.

Prove the ROI you deliver to your customers and promote adoption, advocacy, and growth.

Wigmore help you capture and deliver on your customers’ goals while giving you the tools to communicate the value your customer is receiving both through one-on-one conversations and personalized, automated emails.


Find your biggest fans and identify accounts ripe for additional sales.

Make it easy to spot and act on opportunities for growth. Find the best candidates for customer advocates.

Identify white space by tracking customer buying and engagement patterns across segments. Find your most engaged accounts and potential customer references as well as discover your optimal upsell and cross-sell targets.


Improve team and task coordination, track business outcomes, and streamline operations

Put customers at the centre of your business by sharing insights and accountability across teams.

Collaborate with Sales, Finance, Support, and Product teams to deliver a unified and scalable experience to your customers.

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